Leukolion Journals provides academic journals published across the world with online hosting services and an editorial workflow management system for  via Open Journal System.  Leukolion Journals supports academic journals to gain presence in accordance with international standards and increase their visibility.

Leukolion Journals do not interfere with the management of peer review system and content of the journals. It only provides infrastructure and "technical support" for the use of the system. Authors should contact  the editor of the journal for any topic regarding their publication.


  • International Journal of Advanced Virtual Reality

    The International Journal of Advanced Virtual Reality brings together leading industrial researchers, scientists, engineers, practitioners and students from universities, research institutes, industries and organizations all around the world to exchange their latest research ideas, methods, findings and to share their experiences.

  • International Journal of Distance Education Engineering

    The International Journal of Distance Education Engineering is an international journal covering the subjects on  the design, production and development of technologies needed in the field of distance education.

    The journal accepts research articles that reflect a unique research in the fields of distance education at national and international level with findings and results, and contribute to science by scanning a sufficient number of scientific articles, summarizing the subject at the current level of knowledge and technology, evaluating and comparing the findings