Book Review: Mixed Reality for Education



Mixed Reality, Education


The book, “Mixed Reality for Education” has been published within the esteemed "Gaming Media and Social Effects" series, known for its interdisciplinary approach encompassing the technical facets of gaming, both software and hardware, and its sociological and psychological impacts. Functioning as a swift avenue for disseminating high-caliber works on burgeoning or pivotal subjects in gaming and its societal repercussions, this series caters to diverse exposition levels. It accommodates a spectrum ranging from introductory tutorials to advanced research topics, aligning with the varied objectives of the contributing authors. In the realm of educational literature, "Mixed Reality for Education" emerges as a pioneering addition to the distinguished series curated by Cai, Mangina, and Goei (Editors). The book, comprising sixteen meticulously crafted chapters, is intricately structured into four distinct sections. These sections traverse the diverse landscapes of K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) Education, Tertiary/Professional Education, Special Needs Education, and Cultural, Social & Museum Education.


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Cai, Y., Magina, E & Sui Lin Goei (2023), Mixed Reality for Education, Springer



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